Deodorant Crème Minis

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try our award winning deo for only $3.50
good things come in small packages

We're so confident you'll love our deodorant crème that we're offering your minis at a super discounted price of only $3.50 each including shipping.


Our deodorant paste deals with all of the most common natural deodorant gripes -

☑ bicarb free - won't cause rashes that are due to unsuitable pH

☑ glides on smoothly - no graininess or grittiness

☑ crème to powder formula - rubs in dry (no more sticky armpits)

☑ non-greasy - doesn't transfer and create oil stains on clothes

☑ made from plant oils, plant waxes, plant powders and mineral powders

☑ fair trade, australian grown and organic ingredients

☑ a scent for everyone - fresh, woody, floral or unscented

☑ a little goes a long way, one sample will last 2-3 weeks

☑ no plastic containers, no plastic packaging materials

☑ low waste - refillable at your local bulk food store (online refills coming soon)

☑ caring for people + planet - we donate 50% of profits to charity

☑ most importantly IT WORKS - we know you'll love it!

Choosing your scents

We have four scents inspired by the beautiful Australian landscape.
Piperita is our fresh scent that contains Australian lemon myrtle, tea tree and peppermint eucalyptus.
Nerolina is our floral scent that contains Australian nerolina and honey myrtle.
Santalum is our woody scent that contains Australian sandalwood and buddha wood.
Ternifolia is our unscented option, that contain Australian macadamia oil. It has a very light scent of cocoa butter.

[We recommend Ternifolia for people who have especially sensitive skin, or for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it contains no essential oils.]


Please note half price deal is valid for 2 samples (one duo) per person.

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