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Hello! My name is Candice, and I'm the founder of Good & Clean. 

I’ve always been a bit of a greenie, even as a toddler I was very concerned about litter (much to my mum’s amusement when I would yell ‘LITTERBUG’). After school, I decided to do something a bit more productive than yelling at strangers and studied environmental management and sustainable development, hoping to secure a job that would save the planet…

I’d been using green beauty products since about my first year of university, not only as a way of reducing my impact on the environment, but also of looking after my own health. After some issues with my lymphatic system, reducing the potential toxins I was exposed to and letting my body do its thing naturally became super important. The only problem was that a lot of these green products (although the product inside the bottle was great) still used unsustainable and unrecyclable packaging and shipping materials. The greenie in me was frustrated!

So I started making some products for myself at home, and storing them in glass jars and bottles, which was fun! I told my friends and family, but most of them told me people don’t have time for that. Ok... fair enough!

So if people want ready-made products, why not provide an option that not only focuses on using clean, safe ingredients, but also considers impact on the environment at every stage? And even better, why not make this business a social enterprise so that every single purchase can have an even more positive impact on the environment?

After thinking and dreaming about Good & Clean for a little while I left my (not planet-saving) job and I was ready to go out on my own and make my dream of a planet-saving job a reality.

And so with the help of some expert skincare formulators, designers and fellow greenies... here we are!




















P.S. When you buy from Good & Clean you can be sure that we think about the environment in every step of the process. We:

  • use as little plastic as possible in our packaging (somebody please tell me if you find an alternative to plastic pump tops!);
  • don’t use unnecessary boxes for packaging our products;
  • use Sendle, Australia’s first carbon-neutral shipping service;
  • use an eco-friendly social enterprise for our business printing;
  • use recycled cardboard boxes and fill for shipping (and no plastic tape!);
  • use clean, natural ingredients that are safe for you and safe to wash down the drain;
  • only use vegan ingredients, and are 100% cruelty-free;
  • really, truly, love our planet, which is why…
  • WE DONATE 10% of every sale to conservation projects.