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Spring clean your skincare (and my garage)

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Spring clean your skincare (and my garage)

As someone who’s constantly afraid of judgement, it can be hard for me to publicly admit my shortcomings, or talk about things that I could have done better. So *deep breath* here it is: I’ve stuffed up and I need your help!

When I started Good & Clean, I had little idea about the beauty industry (even two years in there’s still SO much to learn). I had no idea how competitive it is and how challenging it can be to convince people to try something new, and I wasn’t aware of the complexity involved with stock. I created Good & Clean because I was passionate about skincare that was 100% natural, with as little plastic as possible and did good by the planet; after all, I studied environmental management and sustainability, not business!

Which leads me to where I am today, I’m now sitting upon shelves full of amazing face products with no home to go to. It’s hard to admit this publicly, because (as anyone’s who’s used social media will know) the urge to show everyone that we’re nailing it, and nailing every aspect of our business and lives is always present. Admit a failure and you might as well admit defeat, right?

Well I’m refusing to accept that! I’m reframing this ‘failure’ as a win, and I fully intend on turning it around to make the most of this stuff up.

Right now, as it stands I have a whole lot of 100% natural, face products sitting in my garage waiting for some lovely new owners. The date that the preservative system on these products has been tested to is the end of November, so they have a good four and a half months of life left in them. Plenty of time to use up! 

It’s not the cost that upsets me most. Money comes and goes, but as a small business that was created to help the environment, envisioning these products going to waste is something I find very hard to accept.

If you’re a fan of Good & Clean already, chances are you’re a conscious consumer, you care about where your products come from and where they go after you’re done with them. You’ll know how heart-breaking it would be to have to relegate these products to waste (and if you’re an avid zero-waster or recycler you’ll know how long it would take to wash out all those bottles for reuse and recycling)!

So, now I ask for your help. Instead of sending the products to landfill, I’d love for you to pay what you want (or just the cost of shipping) to own some beautiful, high-quality, 100% natural and cruelty-free skincare.

The retail value of these sets is almost $90, but you can pay what you want. One of the biggest reasons that I created Good & Clean was to raise funds for Australian environmental conservation projects, so as per usual I’ll continue to donate 10% across three conservation projects; the Daintree Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and Marine Turtles..

Paying the retail value or any amount in between is by no means an obligation, I’m happy to know that the products are going to a good home to be used and enjoyed. That said, it would be fantastic to not only have this excess stock being used and loved, but also still serving its other purpose as a fund-raising tool for looking after our beautiful backyard and the beautiful animals that live there.

If I had more experience and was more astute to the market, I might have foreseen this; however, at the same time, I may have decided that it was too competitive and never started the business at all! Ultimately, I’m thankful for my naivety, it’s gotten us to the point that Good & Clean is at today, and I couldn’t be prouder. 

As for the future, well I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ve learnt it’s ok to make mistakes, as that’s how we get better! I’ve produced a much smaller amount of our next batch of skincare and will scale-up production based on how much it sells, rather than making a huge amount, to begin with. There are so many exciting things in the works, and I can’t wait to continue share the journey with you!

Pay what you want for your skincare set here

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