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5 Most Stylish Reusable Coffee Cups

Posted by Candice Shelley on
5 Most Stylish Reusable Coffee Cups
If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you’ve probably seen your friends and family sharing videos from ABC’s new show War on Waste. Making the rounds this week is a video showing the mountains of coffee cups filling up Australia’s Landfill. If Australians lined up their throw away coffee cups end to end, in one year, we'd have enough to circle the planet 2 and a half times. Yikes! 
So you want to make your coffee routine more planet-friendly, but want to look good while doing it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Making the switch is easy, just choose a cup that fits your needs and lifestyle, rock up to the coffee shop with your new stylish mug and hand it over to your barista. They'll know exactly what to do, and you might even get a discount! 
Not only do these cups look WAY cooler than a boring disposable cup, they’ll also help you massively reduce your impact on the planet by avoiding sending all those coffee cups to landfill.

For the Minimalist

Keep Cup’s Café Series combines the best of sleek minimal design and natural elements. The cork band uses waste product from the wine cork manufacture, the band is beautiful to hold and gradually develops a patina over time as you use it. 
There are dozens of different combinations of styles, colours and barista-standard sizes to choose from on the Keep Cup website, there’s even a Star Wars range! Even better, you can buy individual replacement parts for the Keep Cup, meaning that you don’t need a whole new cup if you lose the lid. 

For the Tech Lover

Frank Green are no strangers to style or technology. This futuristic looking mug contains embedded technology allowing users to pay for their coffee using their cup. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your wallet again!
Green by name and green by nature, they also donate $1 from the sale of each cup to Earthwatch. A brand after our own hearts!

For the Art Lover

Joco’s limited edition artist series mugs are an original collaboration with three creative folk, blending the culture of coffee with stirring design. Customers love Joco cups for their comfortable grip and stylish design, and this range adds even more style points!
Like the Keep Cup, the Joco cups come in barista standard sizes, and replacement parts are available for purchase from their website. 
(We’re also totally in love their Seaglass range, which promotes keeping our waterways, oceans and coasts plastic free. That’s something we can really get behind!)

For the Adventurer

The new Waterman range from Corkcicle has a super tough powder-coated finish built for extremes. This range comes in 10 colours, and there’s a range of glossy colours to choose from too. Not only is this cup super tough, it also keeps your drinks cool for 9+ hours, and hot for 3. So if you’re someone who is prone to forgetting about that nice hot drink waiting for you (guilty!) then this is the cup for you.

For the Tea Lover

Tea lovers rejoice! This tea flask from T2 is super sleek and practical allows you to brew your own loose leaf tea with the built-in infuser. You can also throw it in your bag without worrying about leaks or spills, plus it keeps your tea hot for up to 6 hours. If you’re in the habit of buying tea out, this might just be a great way to save money and help save the planet at the same time. Brew your tea before work, chuck it in your bag and away you go!
Good & Clean's Top Picks
The Keep Cup and Joco cups are our favourites thanks to the different barista-friendly sizes, the range of colour options and replaceable parts. With all these stylish and sustainable options you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your needs. Who needs paper cups anyway?


So you've forgotten your reusable cup, or just can't splash the cash right now? Why not order your coffee in a mug to have in, sit down and savour the experience. Who couldn't use ten minutes to sit down and relax? Consider it an exercise in mindfulness and sustainable living!
Want to create a more eco-friendly skincare routine too? Head over to our products page to get browsing, and our impact page to find out more about our social enterprise model.

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