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Good for you.
Good for the planet.
Good karma.

We all use deodorant every day, so why should we accept products that are at best unremarkable, and at worst harmful for our health and for the health of our planet? We've made it our mission to create the cleanest, most effective and most sustainable deodorant on the market, and that's just the beginning.

Every day luxury
you can feel good about.

We want you to look forward to using your deodorant every day.

We want you to admire the packaging on your shelf, enjoy the texture on your skin, and pause to take in the aromas enhanced by native Australian botanicals.

We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that you’re using clean ingredients on one of the most sensitive parts of your body. 

We want you to head out the door confident that you’re going to smell good (and clean) throughout the day and into the night. 

Most of all we want you to be proud that you've made the choice to avoid contributing to our plastic pollution problem, to support ethical trade, and to contribute to the conservation of our beautiful flora and fauna.

When you use Good + Clean, you're not just taking care of yourself, you're taking care of our people and planet.

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Shop our range of Australian flora inspired deodorants below.

With a range of scents (and an unscented option!) there's something for everyone.


Complimentary gift with 

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Order four or more deodorants in any one order and receive a complimentary handcrafted wooden spatula, to add a little extra luxury to your morning routine.


Good + Clean was created to make a difference, that's why we're committed to doing the best for you, the best for people and the best for our planet.

Good for you.


Our products are made from a unique blend of minerals and plants. You won't find any mysterious terms like 'parfum' or 'fragrance' on our ingredients list. All of scents are from 100% natural essential oils, and contain no synthetics. All of the ingredients we use serve a purpose, are naturally derived, and totally safe.


Sodium bicarbonate (also called bicarb or baking soda) is the most common active ingredient found in natural deodorants. It's not dangerous, but it does cause significant irritation in a large percentage of people due to it's high pH when combined with water (or sweat). We don't want our product to cause irritation for anybody, so we've worked hard to create a formula that's just as effective without any of the nasty side effects.


We've tried a lot of natural deodorants, and have a lot of ruined t-shirts to show for it. Our formula doesn't have unrefined coconut oil, which is notorious for staining clothes. If you do get a bit of deodorant on your clothes, it washes off easily in your regular wash.


Our unique crème-to-powder formula makes our deodorant a pleasure to use. It's super nourishing, but also absorbs quickly and rubs in dry to the touch.


Yes, it actually works! Our unique blend of minerals is the only of it's kind, and it works in several different ways to keep you smelling good (and clean) all day and into the night.


'Preservative' isn't necessarily a dirty work, but since our formula is free of water and water based ingredients, it doesn't require any preservatives. As long as you keep your deodorant dipping fingers dry, your deodorant will stay good and fresh!

Good for the planet.


Our products are packaged in aluminium tins, not plastic. We ship plastic-free, in boxes made from recycled cardboard and shredded paper for protection.


Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. All the ingredients we source have not been tested on animal. We are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA.


We purchase our ingredients in the largest practicable size in order to reduce the amount of packaging required, and opt for plastic-free options where available.


We use Sendle for the majority of our shipping. Sendle is Australia's first carbon-neutral delivery service, and funds conservation and community projects through its giving programs.


Early 2019, we will be adopting a refill program for our deodorants to further minimise the amount of waste generated through our business.


We've worked hard to create a stable, beautiful to apply One of our goals is to be able to trace as many of our ingredients as possible back to the farm that they came from. After lots and lots of research we found it impossible to source palm oil derived-ingredients for which we could find the original source. With the risk of palm oil coming from plantations that have caused devastating deforestation, we decided to avoid these ingredients entirely. 

Good karma.


Good + Clean was created to make a difference. We donate 10% of all our sales (not just profits) to land and ocean conservation charities.


We source as many ingredients as we can from fair trade and social enterprise suppliers including our cocoa butter, shea butter and fractionated coconut oil. We're currently researching suppliers to source fair trade tapioca starch.


Our Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil and a number of our essential oils are sourced from within Australia, where they're grown and harvested. It doesn't get better than local! 


Good + Clean products are lovingly handmade on Australia's Gold Coast. Every single 


As a small business we truly do appreciate every single order, and all of our wonderful customers. Thank you for supporting us! 


We strongly believe in the principle of continual improvement. We acknowledge that we are not perfect, but we're constantly researching, learning, and revisiting every aspect of out operation to find the most ethical and sustainable solutions possible. As a small business it can be hard to procure some less common fair trade and sustainable products, but we're committed to continuing to research, learn and seek better alternatives.

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